Series News Demet Evgar’s magnificent acting was an important factor in the rating jump of the Bahar series

Demet Evgar’s magnificent acting was an important factor in the rating jump of the Bahar series


Show TV’s new series by MF Yapım, “Bahar: Uyanmaya Hazır Mısın?” (Bahar: Are You Ready to Wake Up?” While it ranked number one in all categories with its second episode, which was released last Tuesday, it continues to be watched with interest on digital media.

The series, which won the hearts of the audience in a very short time and ranked number 1 in the trends tab by exceeding 4 million views on the YouTube channel, was also at the top of the “Best Breakthrough Local Television Series of the Year” list prepared by Box Office. The series increased its ratings significantly in its second episode and became the best-selling series of the last three seasons.

It should be said that the audience noticed again how successful and good an actress Demet Evgar, who plays the character of Bahar in the series, is in the new series. Demet Evgar became the gripping name of the story, and it does not go unnoticed that the ratings are proportional to the sympathy of the character.

The series, which is about the transformation of Bahar (Demet Evgar), who devoted her life to her husband and children, after a sudden illness, received full marks from the audience with its warm story and masterful cast. Bahar series, which has been on the TT list for a long time both in Turkey and around the world with the hashtag #Bahar. It also caused havoc on social media.

The cast of the series signed by MF Yapım, directed by Neslihan Yeşilyurt, whose script was written by Ayça Üzüm; There are successful names such as Demet Evgar, Buğra Gülsoy, Mehmet Yılmaz Ak, Ecem Özkaya, Füsun Demirel, Elit Andaç Çam, Demirhan Demircioğlu, Nil Sude Albayrak, Alisa Sezen Sever, Sena Mia Kalıp and Hatice Aslan.

Bahar series will remind you that it is possible to start over despite everything. The TV series is on Show TV every Tuesday at 20.00!