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24 May 2022 02:07


Demet Özdemir, a female lead candidate for an unforgettable TV series project

The series version of Yeşilçam’s movie “Ah Nerede”, shot in 1975 and starring Tarık Akan, Gülşen Bubikoğlu, Adile Naşit and Halit Akçatepe, will be shot. A name stands out in the backstage information about the series to be shot for Disney Plus, which is planned to start broadcasting in Turkey in the summer.

Written by Sadık Şendil and directed by Orhan Aksoy, the film will be shot as a serial this time by Oncu Ev, founded by Suavi Doğan and Kerem Çatay. Ah Nerede movie is one of Yeşilçam’s most popular films. The title of the movie was taken from the song of Füsun Önal.

Journalist Birsen Altuntaş announced for the first time the young actress, whose name was mentioned for the TV series version of the movie Ah Nerede, which is also identified with Füsun Önal’s song. Allegedly, the person spoken to backstage is Demet Özdemir.

The role of Zehra, played by Gülşen Bubikoğlu in the movie, and Demet Özdemir in the TV series version is on the agenda. The actress had a deal with Disney Plus a while ago, and her name was also mentioned in other series. However, it is not yet clear in which domestic production the digital platform will take part. Her name is mentioned this time with the serial version of Ah Nerede.

It is stated that the Onuncu Ev production company has started working on the series. It is reflected in the social media comments that she has already excited the audience and Demet Özdemir fans. There is no name spoken backstage for the male actor in the serial version of the romantic comedy-style movie called Ah Nerede, which is very popular with its entertaining story.

The allegations that Demet Özdemir was offered for Ah Nerede is planned as a summer series were enough to revive the backstage! It is stated that the broadcasting rights of the film were purchased from the heirs of Orhan Aksoy and Sadık Şendil, and the screenplay started immediately.

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