Demet Özdemir both posed cool and talked about the new surprise!
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26 November 2022 19:51


Demet Özdemir both posed cool and talked about the new surprise!

One of the artily series of TV8 screens, My Home My Destiny, continues its screen journey by creating its own bone audience. Although it is in an average position with a rating of 5, it is better than many series. Demet Özdemir not only performs acting with the character of Zeynep, but also started to raise awareness about violence against women. The actress, who also explains that this aspect of Zeynep’s character identifies with herself, is very pleased with her condition.

Demet Özdemir, who actively shares on her Instagram account and increases her power with her nearly 12 million followers, gains millions of interactions with her sympathetic videos and photos.

The actress, who manages her social media account through her own feelings and thoughts rather than through an agency, is therefore more natural and sincere to her fans. In her new posts, the actress announced that she had a new surprises with the Pantene brand, which she was the face of, and made a strong impression with her affiliation pose.

The actress won sympathy with the short video below, with the note “Coming surprises”.

Demet Özdemir also received thousands of likes from her followers in a short time with the following pose in which he displayed her beauty.

Fans complimenting the actress wrote, “Mashallah to her beauty.”


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