Demet Özdemir gave the tip about My Home My Destiny before the new episode!
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1 December 2022 07:23


Demet Özdemir gave the tip about My Home My Destiny before the new episode!

It was learned with the sharing of Demet Özdemir that the events will get mixed up this evening in TV8 TV series My Home My Destiny. Özdemir, who played the leading role with İbrahim Çelikkol in the series, made a share that excited her followers before the new episode. Tonight (December 16), a new name will join the series, whose 24th episode will be broadcast, while the process of Mehdi will shock everyone!

In the TV series My Home My Destiny, events are developing so rapidly that the audience watches what happened in amazement. The current form of the Mehdi is diverging rapidly from each other. We will be surprised to see what more Mehdi will do in the new episode, who has a passion for Zeynep at the level of sickness.

Meanwhile, the addition of a new character to the series begins to give different clues about Barış. Some facts about Barış, whose history and life we ​​do not know much, are coming to light.

The character of Barış, played by Engin Öztürk, started to be associated with Zeynep as an educated, well-mannered and reasonable personality, but we did not know much about her life either. We will begin to understand a little more Barış with a new character in the series.

Barış’s brother Savaş is included in the series. His brother Savaş, five years younger than Barış, is a gifted, introverted person paralyzed after an accident. He has a love-hate relationship with his brother Barış since his childhood.

Barış hides his brother Savaş from everyone, and Savaş hides from everyone. Except Zeynep… After Zeynep learns the secret of Barış, it seems that her view of Barış will change even more. Of course, this situation will cause him to question his relationship with the Mehdi more deeply.

Demet Özdemir announced that things will get very messy in the TV series My Home My Destiny. The words “Events are mixed” in the actress’ curiosity-enhancing share also increased the curiosity of the series.

Let’s see if there is as much as Demet Özdemir said. We will watch and see the 24th episode that will be on the screen tonight …

Here is Özdemir’s sharing:

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