Demet Özdemir is already get close friend with the new actress!
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26 November 2022 18:34


Demet Özdemir is already get close friend with the new actress!

New names were added to the story with the death of Mehdi in the TV8 “Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir” (My Home My Destiny) series on Wednesday evenings to add excitement. The audience witnesses interesting developments in the series where Demet Özdemir shares the lead role with Engin Öztürk after Çelikkol’s departure!

The person who was constantly mentioned in the series but never appeared, finally appeared! Who? Zeynep’s sister! The whereabouts of the sister, who learned that she ran away from home years ago, what she did, why she went, and why the family did not call her is unknown.

This secret will be revealed slowly, but Gülcan Arslan, who is included in the series as Zeynep’s older sister, has already established a sincere relationship with the actors!

Gülcan Arslan, who brought a new breath to the series with her successful acting, also came as a woman full of secrets. This secret-filled name, which is very angry with her mother and brother, is preparing to ruin Zeynep’s whole life.

The situation in the series is a bit tense, but it seems that the actresses get along very well in front of the camera. Demet Özdemir is already very close to Emine of the series, Naz Göktan.

The two actresses reveal their love for each other through their frequent posts. This time, Gülcan Arslan also joined them.

Here is a shot of the joyous moments of Demet Özdemir, Gülcan Arslan and Naz Göktan on the set …

In the meantime, it is seen in his post that Demet Özdemir could not stand and took ice cream on a sunny and hot day while coming to the set.

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