Demet Özdemir once again showed how loving she is
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26 November 2022 12:50


Demet Özdemir once again showed how loving she is

Demet Özdemir, who conquered the hearts with the Sanem characters in the Day Dreamer series, which she starred in after the No: 309 series, wanted to play in a drama this time after the romantic comedy series. Nowadays, it comes to the screens with The My Home My Destiny, which is broadcast on TV8.

The actress, who appeared in front of the camera with İbrahim Çelikkol, showed everyone that she would be successful in romantic comedy as well as in drama series.

The actress’ increasing fan base is also watching her social media account with interest. Demet Özdemir, who uses Instagram effectively, makes her followers happy both with her posts from behind the camera and notes from her private life.

It is understood that the actress, who was seen with her energetic, natural and sincere forms on the set, was the joy of both her actor friends in the series, her partner İbrahim Çelikkol and the team working behind the camera.

Demet Özdemir also draws attention with her helpfulness. She also participated in a live broadcast on Instagram for the campaign about children with SMA, which was launched by Bergüzar Korel and later included Hatice Şendil.

Previously, she donated a dress for SMA patient Poyraz Ali and the dress was sold for 50.000 TL. In the live broadcast, Hatice Şendil thanked Özdemir for her support as soon as she heard about the campaign, and stated that they knew that she made different contributions without announcing to anyone.

Another side that Demet Özdemir is sensitive to is animals. It was also seen in a post that the actress, who has cute friends in her house, is also good with street animals.

Demet Özdemir shared her photo on Instagram while closely taking care of the two stray dogs he saw while on the set of the series.

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