Demet Özdemir revolted on social media
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1 December 2022 07:23


Demet Özdemir revolted on social media

Demet Özdemir, who starred in the TV series My Home My Destiny, which was broadcast on tv8, attracted attention with a post she made on social media. The actress occasionally shares and reacts on the issue of violence against women, which has increased in recent years.

Finally, she shared a video about a woman who was found to have been tortured by her husband and demanded protection. Demet Özdemir, in her post, “One more, stop now!” Se wrote the note “Break your hands”. The video about the event, which attracts attention with the sensitive behavior of the actress, is of the kind that will shock the audience.

Demet Özdemir shared a video published on the account of “gender equality”, where a woman named Buse, who has been married for 1.5 years and has 7 months old child, allegedly experienced violence by her husband. While the marks on the face and neck of the woman who claimed to have been tortured drew attention, the words of her husband waving her baby down from the 12th floor were horrified.

This was a post about her husband’s family changing the city and asking for protection because she went to her family because she was a strong family. Demet Özdemir also wanted to attract attention by posting her remarkable post on social media on her own account.

While the sensitive behavior of the young actress is appreciated, it is seen that she expressed her reaction harshly with the note she fell …

Here is the post:

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