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6 July 2022 10:39


Demet Özdemir talked about the event that upset her the most in her career!..

Famous actress Demet Özdemir is a name that is always on the agenda with her projects, her love life and her dressing style.

The actress, who appeared in the TV8 TV series called “Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir”, preferred to rest in the new season. Evaluating the project proposals that have come recently, the actress was a guest of İbrahim Selim’s program broadcast on YouTube. Özdemir made candid statements about her business and private life in the program.

Özdemir, who has not been involved in any project for four months, said that he has been working nonstop for 9 years and wants to rest. Özdemir, who was a dancer before stepping into acting, also took part in the clip of Mustafa Sandal’s song “Ateş Et Ve Unut” in 2009.

About Demet Özdemir, “Look, what was her old job!” She said she was very upset by those news. The famous actress also said that she received support from her colleagues Hazal Kaya and Selin Şekerci while explaining the process she went through.

Özdemir said, “Everyone is now saying, ‘Oh dance, oh Demet… Super!’ or something. It wasn’t. I mean, for a while, they got pretty bored. It was terrible for me back then,” and she admitted the most frustrating period of her career.

Özdemir said, “I gave an interview when I made my first TV series. It was published in the newspaper. They didn’t want to study then. Because I wasn’t famous enough. I already told everyone that I was dancing; ‘I used to dance. My sister was a dancer. No one asked where I danced one by one. That’s why I didn’t explain.” she said.

Explaining the process she went through, Özdemir said, “It’s really new. Two, two and a half years ago, there was a news. “Shock shock…” she said. Those were the titles. ‘Yes… ‘Demet Özdemir’s real profession…’ I am very aware that I am not doing anything. I know I didn’t experience anything bad, but I felt really bad.

I said; ‘The audience will not embrace you right away. You will work on it. There is nothing bad about dancing, but unfortunately you don’t see it that way at the moment. You are shrinking now. I’m so bad, I’m ashamed”

Demet Özdemir, who is currently in a relationship with singer Oğuzhan Koç, answered the question “Do you read your lover’s diary?” and replied, “I will not forget it, even if it happened 20 years ago.” I will break that relationship. I will compare immediately”.

You can watch the entire program of Tonight with İbrahim Selim, hosted by Demet Özdemir, below;

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