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3 July 2022 22:59


Demet Özdemir’s big obsession that also reflects her character!

Demet Özdemir’s obsession with long and strong hair! Famous actress Demet Özdemir gives great importance to her hair. The famous actress, who already has a contract with a cosmetics brand, always keeps her hair well-groomed.

Explaining that she knows how much her close friends care about her hair, the actress said: “Every woman at some point in her life has always wanted to have long hair. I am one of those who want to have that long and strong hair in every period of my life. Everyone, especially my close circle, knows how important my hair is to me.”

Among her busy work schedule, Demet mostly takes care of her hair and spares time. The actress, who spares her personal care on Sundays when there is no set, does her hair care with a relaxing music.

Demet feels more motivated and stronger when her hair is the way she wants. The actress said, “I am very sensitive about hair, because it is indispensable for me, my favorite accessory is my long and strong hair.”

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