Artists News Demet Özdemir’s statement about Greece cleared up the questions in mind!

Demet Özdemir’s statement about Greece cleared up the questions in mind!


Famous actress Demet Özdemir bought a house in Athens, the capital of Greece. While the actress attracted attention with her words confirming this situation that emerged at the beginning of the summer, this issue was also talked about a lot in the press.

Although Demet Özdemir’s fans thought about the possibility of the actress meeting in Greece, it turned out that this situation was unrealistic. The famous actress said in her statement that it was not possible for her to leave Turkey and live in Greece.

The actor made a statement on the issue upon the reporters’ question and said:

“Is such a thing possible? I love my country very much. Such a thing is not possible, I already work here. My whole social circle is here, my deals are here. That was a joke. When all the fans commented that he would live in Greece from now on and would not return to Turkey, I wanted to make a joke. Since it was a written joke, it was not well understood. “I will be careful.”

Explaining that she had no one in his life and that she made new friends in Greece, the actress stated that she communicated with many people.

The famous actress also stated that the love rumors in the press were not true, and specifically repeated that there was no one in her life.

It was claimed in the press that the famous actress had a love affair with Greek DJ Sergio, and this love was cited as the reason for her buying a house.

Demet Özdemir, who showed a good performance on the screen last season as the female lead of the TV series Adım Farah (My Name is Farah), went on the set with the team for the shooting of the second season of the series.

The famous actress, who shares the leading role with Engin Akyürek, will continue to appear before her fans with the action-packed character of Farah in the new season.