Denial of love claim from Beste Kökdemir
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29 November 2022 21:20


Denial of love claim from Beste Kökdemir

Beste Kökdemir and Burak Deniz were seen shopping together the other day. The running away of the two draws attention.

There were allegations about love in the magazine media about the duo, who co-starred in the TV series My Sweet Lie.

After Büşra Develi, the first statement came after Burak Deniz’s allegations that he had a love affair with Beste Kökdemir.

Beste Kökdemir posted her photo with Burak Deniz on her Instagram account with the note “Friend”. The actress thus denied the claims of love.

The couple living in Arnavutköy are both neighbors and friends. For now, there seems to be no situation with love.

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