Artists News Özgü Namal made a big decision after 6 years!

Özgü Namal made a big decision after 6 years!


Özgü Namal, one of the most important actress of a period, frozen her career in order to raise her children. Özgü Namal, who stepped into the sector with the Second Spring series in 1998, took part in the latest series of Mercy in 2014.

The life of Özgü Namal, who had love with her breath therapist Ahmet Serdar Oral, went to a completely different point. The actress, who brought her two children to the world, closed her doors to the world with her son Nefes and daughter Elem Su.

Özgü Namal, who settled in a village in Muğla and raised her children on her farm, started accepting projects again after 6 years of silence.

Özgü Namal, who returned to Istanbul for the education of her son Nefes, accepted two offers from the producers, according to the newspaper Posta.

One of them is a movie, the other is a series project. However, these projects were stopped when the coronavirus epidemic intervened. Özgü Namal’s decision to return to the sets is a big step and she will be very happy with her fans.