Artists News Deniz Baysal cut her hair herself!

Deniz Baysal cut her hair herself!


Returning to the screens with the series of Servants, Deniz Baysal is now in quarantine at home.

The series of Servants, which started in Kanal D, was broadcast in 4 episodes, and when the coronavirus epidemic started, the work was stopped on the set. On behalf of the series that has just started and has not yet sat down, this situation was quite unlucky.

Deniz Baysal is resting at home nowadays and taking measures to protect against coronavirus. The player also shares her home from time to time on her Instagram account.

She made a statement stating that he cut her hair by himself. She wrote, “I cut my hair myself. No problem when wavy. I still do not recommend it very much.”

The actress had previously published a photo of her husband Barış Yurtçu who had his hair cut.