Gülse Birsel did not leave the precaution while going out!
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30 March 2023 10:20


Gülse Birsel did not leave the precaution while going out!

Famous actress and screenwriter Gülse Birsel shared her exit from her instagram account. The player, who quarantined herself at home for a while due to the coronavirus epidemic, showed that she did not compromise security.

Gülse Birsel, who was on the agenda with the Jet Society series and started the series fashion from home for the first time in the world, was also highly appreciated. She made a one-part example, and Jet Society will not have new episodes shot at home.

The famous actress has released her version of the street from her instagram account. Birsel said, “This should not be my first elevator selfie. In fact, the glasses and pieces are good, the combinations are bad. ”

Singer Gökhan Özoğuz left a comment saying, “Look, it’s on fire.” Some of her followers thought that the mask was N95, and warned that only healthcare workers could use it. On the other hand, she replied that the mask is not N95.

Some followers made comments emphasizing that the famous actress found this version exaggerated.

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