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12 August 2022 17:41


As soon as Gülse Birsel’s long-awaited project came out, it left its mark with its cast!

Gülse Birsel, who has produced many comedy series and movies with her scripts, has been waiting for a long time for her new projects. Birsel, who rested for a while after the Jet Society series, was very tired with both acting and writing the script. The fact that she both wrote and played TV series on the screen, each episode exceeding 120 minutes, challenged Birsel with Jet Society.

Gülse Birsel was also expressing her tiredness in hers social media posts and interviews. She even stated that she did not plan to make a project on the screen unless it was reduced to shorter periods. Although her fans expect new projects from her, Gülse Birsel chose to stay away from it.

The famous screenwriter and actress, who announced on social media that she had started to rewrite a series and film project a while ago, also delighted her fans. One of Birsel’s ready projects has started to be implemented these days!

It has recently been announced that the film, written by the famous screenwriter, who is acclaimed with his strong pen, will be shot for Disney Plus. BKM undertakes the production of Gülse Birsel’s new year movie. The cast of the movie consists of names that will make the audience follow the project with much greater curiosity!

The movie, which we will talk about a lot in the coming days, consists of names that are all successful and proven themselves in comedy. Cengiz Bozkurt and İrem Sak, the two names Gülse Birsel worked with in her previous projects, will also appear in her new movie.

An extremely surprising name immediately draws attention in the squad! Alina Boz, one of the successful actresses of the young generation, is in the cast of the Yılbaşı (New Year’s Eve) movie! It will be an exciting process for her fans to see Alina Boz, who we always watch with drama stories in TV series, in a comedy this time!

Ezgi Mola, which we can’t wait to see in comedy, is also in the cast. The actress once again demonstrated her talent in drama with the series Masumlar Apartmanı (Innocents Apartment) for two seasons. It will be a nice surprise to watch Ezgi Mola again in the comedy that she suits very well.

Fatih Artman, known for Behzat Ç and admired for his TV series Menajerimi Ara (Call My Manager), is also in the cast of the Yılbaşı movie. Successful actors Alican Yücesoy, Serkan Keskin, Boran Kuzum, Büşra Pekin and Ayta Sözeri are among the other actors of the film.

The audience was eagerly waiting for the Yılbaşı movie, which started its journey with such a strong and special cast! Ozan Açıktan is the director of the film, which will tell about the funny events that happened on a buildings on Yılbaşı. After the clarification of the cast, reading rehearsals began. After the preparations are over, the shooting will begin…

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