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12 August 2022 17:29


Anıl Altan is in a key role, and Pelin Akil will be making a landing with two projects!

Anıl Altan and Pelin Akil couple answered questions from their fans on Instagram. One of these questions was about the couple’s new projects.

Anıl Altan announced that he will take part in a movie. The actor, who agreed for the movie Son Dilek (Last Wish), said, “I have a movie with Ceyda Ateş and Seda Akman. I won’t give any more details because there is a very key issue. I would be giving spoilers when I say that. I will be here with a new movie.”

Anıl Altan did not want to give details about the story, but Pelin Akil shared the information that his fans will watch him in a very different role. You will watch Anıl Altan in a role you have never seen before in the TV series Son Dilek.

It was revealed that Pelin Akil left the cast of the Barbaroslar series. The actress, who played the character of Isabel in the series, said goodbye to the story before the first season finale. Pelin Akil accepted Oktay Kaynarca’s offer among the many projects that came to her.

Oktay Kaynarca, who is both the lead actor and the producer of the series “Ben Bu Cihana Sığmazam” (I can’t fit in this World), will be on the ATV screen with a very ambitious project in the new season.

Pelin Akil, who previously starred with Oktay Kaynarca in the TV series Eşkıya Dünyaya Hükümdar Olmaz (The Bandits), will meet with the master actor for the second time on the same set.

Pelin Akil confirmed the project and gave the following information: “I will take a role in the new TV series Ben Bu Cihana Sığmazam, which will start on ATV. It has a very good cast, it has a very good script. I want the shooting to begin as soon as possible.”

Pelin Akil, who asked Anıl Altan about the reason for the name Ben Bu Cihana Sığmazam, did not want to give details by saying, “I can’t explain it, don’t ask me about it.”

Pelin Akil announced that, in addition to the series, she will soon take part in a musical show, a Broadway musical compilation directed by master theater actor Haldun Dormen.

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