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20 August 2022 09:22


Demet Özdemir has one condition to go on vacation! Can’t go without it!

Famous Actress Demet Özdemir has not been on the screen for a long time, but she had busy days during the season when she was in front of the camera with a TV series and a movie. Demet Özdemir, who played a role in the last TV series Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir (Your Home Your Destiny), was not on the screen this season. But he played with Şükrü Özyıldız in the movie Love Tactics, in which he acted last summer.

With the movie released on Netflix, the actress was watched with great interest both in Turkey and in countries where the digital platform was broadcast. It has been revealed a while ago that the second of Özdemir and Özyıldız’s highly acclaimed romantic comedy films will be shot.

During this period, Demet Özdemir is among the actors who entered the Turkish market and signed with Disney Plus, which started broadcasting on June 14. Being the brand ambassador of the platform, Demet Özdemir acted in the second domestic production of Disney Plus, in the TV series Dünyayla Benim Aramda (Between the World and Me).

The shooting of the series, in which he played the leading roles with Buğra Gülsoy and Hafsanur Sancaktutan, came to an end some time ago. Demet Özdemir, who had an intense process, took the first step in marriage with Oğuzhan Koç, to whom she said ‘yes’ on Valentine’s Day, right after the end of the shooting and got engaged.

Demet Özdemir, who found happiness both in her private life and in her career and lived a good period, is now enjoying the holiday. The actress, who has been on a boat tour with her fiancé Oğuzhan Koç and her friends for a while, often draws attention with her poses from her vacation.

Demet Özdemir, one of the successful and popular actors of the last period, is followed with interest on social media. Özdemir also receives great acclaim with her holiday poses. The note she made on one of her last posts did not escape attention. Tagging her close friend Gülce Dereli, Demet Özdemir reveals how much she values ​​her friend with the note “I never go on vacation without my flower”…

Buğra Gülsoy, who played his partner in the TV series Dünyayla Benim Aramda, was one of those who admired the photos of the actress posing on the boat with her orange dress at sunset.

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