Artists News Nothing is in a rush for Alina Boz, who stays away from TV series!

Nothing is in a rush for Alina Boz, who stays away from TV series!


Alina Boz, who married Umut Evirgen the previous week, started a brand new life. Alina Boz, who has managed to reach a wide fan base with the TV series projects she has participated in so far, married Umut Evirgen in front of a large group of guests on December 2.

The famous actress, who preferred to rest instead of going on a honeymoon after the wedding due to the epidemic disease, said that she was in no rush for her honeymoon.

According to media reports, Alina Boz said, “There is a very bad epidemic. Frankly, we got a little sick after the wedding and went to bed and rested. We came to our senses a little bit. There is no rush, you can always go on your honeymoon. We travel all the time anyway, we don’t actually have any special plans. We can also go to a snowy place, maybe because we are in the winter months. “We want to go somewhere we haven’t seen, but we haven’t decided yet,” she said.

The actress, who wishes people to embrace each other with love in 2024, mentioned that 2023 will be interesting for him.

The actress said, “2023 was an interesting year. Bad things can also happen in the world and in our country. “Let the new year be a year where we embrace each other with love,” she said.

The famous actress, who was born in Moscow in 1998, has served the Turkish TV series and cinema industry with important projects since 2016. Alina Boz, who became a popular actress with the TV series Elimi Bırakma, also enchanted her fans with the TV series Maraşlı and Aşk 101.

The famous actress has taken a break from TV series for a while after appearing in the TV series Bir Peri Masalı, which lost the ratings last season.

The actress last took part in the film project called Yılbaşı Gecesi (New Year’s Eve). It is not yet clear when Alina Boz will return to the sets again.