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12 August 2022 11:27


Salih Bademci’s curiosity has increased for the new season of the Club series!

Filming has begun for the second season of the Netflix series Club, which has attracted great interest. It is also very curious what will happen in the new period of the series, in which very important names such as Gökçe Bahadır, Barış Arduç and Salih Bademci take the leading roles.

Between the different characters and the incoming information that the story is strengthened. It is also expected that the shooting of the series Club, which has made a significant impact all over the world, will be carried out with great care.

Everyone is very curious about where Selim Güngör’s character, played by Salih Bademci, will go in the story. Salih Bademci, the actor who received the most attention in the first season, will be in front of the audience with his character transformation in the second season, everyone is wondering about this.

Considering both the story, the performances of the actors and the effect it created, there are many who think that the TV series Club is a turning point for the Turkish TV series industry. The Turkish TV series industry, which once again demonstrated its quality with the attention it received abroad, gave a good test in a production with political references like Club.

After the success of the first season, this is expected to continue in the second season. Zeynep Günay Tan and Seren Yüce will sit in the director’s chair in the second season of the Club series, which also made Asude Kalebek, who plays the character of Rasel, shine.

It was previously clear that Serra Arıtürk and Halil Babür would be among the names who will portray the new characters of the series. It was also a matter of curiosity which new venues would be used for the shooting of the series, which is expected to last for 3 months.

Due to its story set in the 1950s, great effort was made to create the atmosphere of that period. It is expected that the realism created in the first season will be continued in new venues in the second season.

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