Artists News After the Aile series, Serenay Sarıkaya’s new series comes where she shines brightly!

After the Aile series, Serenay Sarıkaya’s new series comes where she shines brightly!


Famous actress Serenay Sarıkaya plays the leading role with Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ in the Show TV series named Aile (Family). At this year’s Golden Butterfly Awards, Serenay Sarıkaya and Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ were awarded as the ‘best TV series couple’.

Many viewers on social platforms have already seen this couple as the most successful duo of recent years and continued to share posts in this direction. The award that came with the Golden Butterfly revealed how right those who thought this were.

Serenay Sarıkaya returned to television series after many years with the TV series Aile, which was planned to last 30 episodes and progressed step by step towards the finale.

After the project called Şahmaran for the digital platform, the famous actor’s participation in a new 8-episode series called Kimler Geldi, Kimler Geçti (Who Came, Who Passed) also attracted attention.

The famous actress, whom we will watch with the character of a lawyer named Leyla in a legal struggle, shared some of her thoughts about the project.

In the series whose script was written by Ece Yörenç, Serenay Sarıkaya, in the character of Leyla Taylan, will enter into an important legal struggle as a female lawyer working in a law office.

The Netflix series titled Kimler Geldi Kimler Geçti, which includes names such as Metin Akdülger, Boran Kuzum, Damla Sönmez, Zeynep Tuçe Bayat, is eagerly awaited.

Speaking about the Netflix original series Kimler Geldi Kimler Geçti, Serenay Sarıkaya gave the following information:

“Kimler Geldi Kimler Geçti series is not just a love story. It contains a lot of things. It’s like real life… This is what attracted me even before Leyla. I missed Ece’s (Yörenç) pen and the real worlds she created. Leyla, like all of us, is someone who learns by experience and clarifies what she wants from life through her experiences. Love, betrayal, friendship all together…”