Series News While Birce Akalay and Mert Fırat were appreciated for their courage, the rating system became a subject of discussion again!

While Birce Akalay and Mert Fırat were appreciated for their courage, the rating system became a subject of discussion again!


Many TV series fans were very hopeful about the Kanal D project called Bir Derdim Var (I Have a Problem). Birce Akalay is one of the names that take various steps especially in the name of social responsibility and strive to meet the expectations of their fans in this regard.

The series called Bir Derdim Var, starring the famous actor, stood out as a production that focuses on the psychological problems experienced by young people and aims to guide them to escape the situation their families are in.

However, the low ratings of the series did not give the team enough opportunity to achieve their goals. The series, which will have its finale on Wednesday, December 13th with its sixth episode, said goodbye to the screen in this way, which was a development that saddened many viewers.

Those who share on social media saying “It’s a shame for this series” and those who are disturbed by the short duration of the Bir Derdim Var project express their thoughts on social media.

A viewer shared his opinion that the series, which he described as a very good project, did not comply with the viewers’ series preferences in recent years and that it would have made more noise if it had been made for digital platforms rather than television.

Many viewers have a similar opinion and express their opinion against such socially responsible productions being television projects.

Television critic Sina Koloğlu also underlined that the TV series project called Bir Derdim Var had a problem with ratings and wrote:

“It started ambitiously…. The team was talked about a lot with its subject and music. Our family liked it. But the country’s audience said ‘I didn’t like it’ and it makes its finale in the 6th episode. So why didn’t it happen? I took a survey like this. It is claimed that there are opinions on the channel side that the children and the disease situation may not have been very sympathetic to the audience. In other words, the situation of children with psychological disorders was not met with much response.

On the production side, I heard that we may have voiced too real problems. Viewed as ‘confrontation was not to the liking of the audience’. I was also informed that the production side received many complimentary messages. I guess we should say, ‘did the troubles of the young people make the audience nervous?’ Could the situation have been different if the channel had stood behind the series a little more?

#BirceAkalay and #MertFırat are two selective actors of the TV series industry who have done different things. We would like to see them again in other projects. #BirDerdimVar will be remembered as a project beyond clichés.”