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7 July 2022 04:42


Deniz Baysal shared her beauty routines! What is the actress’ biggest regret?

Playing the character of ‘Zehra’ in the TV series Teşkilat broadcast on TRT1, actress Deniz Baysal makes a name for herself with her beauty as well as her performance.

The famous actress was a guest of hair designer Ahmet Çoban’s column in Sabah Newspaper and answered questions about hair care. The famous actress explained her hair care routine with the following words; I do maintenance twice a week. I also use serum with vitamin E once a week.

The actress said that when she wanted to change her hairstyle, she asked her relatives, but at the last stage, she talked to her hairdresser and made her decision.

Adding that she cut her hair at the beginning of the pandemic, the actress considered this a big mistake and said, “I will never touch it again. I guess I don’t take short cuts for long. I miss my long hair so much. My favorite thing about my hair is its softness. What I don’t like is the thin wire. Frankly, I wish I had thicker hair,” she said.

The famous actress did not neglect to give beauty advice to her fans. Deniz Baysal made the following suggestions to her fans who follow her closely; “As a style, I suggest they wear pieces that they feel happy about. I think the most beautiful state is when a person feels happy and self-confident.

In terms of care, they should take care to keep their skin clean. There is no such thing as the most expensive product is the best in my opinion. This is also possible with natural methods recommended by doctors and experts.”

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