Deniz Çakır has made a new series agreement!
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29 September 2022 10:06


Deniz Çakır has made a new series agreement!

The famous actress Deniz Çakır was starring in the series The Bandits. Meryem Çakırbeyli character, who also received great acclaim, was sent from the series due to her private life before the 4th season.

However, the sudden dispatch of Deniz Çakır from the series was not a positive impression at all, there was a thought in the eyes of many viewers that a great injustice was made against the famous actress. After this event, which remained on the agenda for a long time, the actress started the Vurgun series, but this project was also short-lived, and then concentrated on theater studies.

Deniz Çakır has been away from the series for a while. She will surprise her fans in the new season. The famous actress made a new series of deals.

1441 Productions, in which İrfan Şahin is the boss, is preparing a series called Şahmeran. It was revealed that Erkan Birgören, whose story was written, was shaking hands with Deniz Çakır.

Negotiations continue with Hilal Saral, who has successfully overcome great works such as Forbidden Love, What is Fatmagül’s Crime? and Endless Love for directing the series.

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