Deniz Çakır could not find his way home!
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4 December 2022 23:32


Deniz Çakır could not find his way home!

Deniz Çakır, who often comes up with his private life from work she did, was hard to find his way this time.

Deniz Çakır reflected on the object together with his friends the exit of a space in the previous night in Arnavutköy. Deniz Çakır, who missed the dose of alcohol, was difficult to find his way home.

With the support of your friends, Deniz Çakır was difficult to talk to. The actress, who could not describe the address of his house, went to the apartment of Deniz Çakır apartment and searched his house. Magazine reporters helped Deniz Çakır trying to enter the wrong buildings.

Deniz Çakır’s friends reacted to the press members of the press.

Deniz Çakır was sentenced to six months imprisonment for “using alcoholic beverages” in 2014. Considering the good position of Deniz Çakır in the post, the court reduced the sentence to 5 months and it was decided that the statement of the ruling should be released.

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