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6 July 2022 20:12


Destan broke the records on YouTube!

Destan series, which ATV has been promoting for months and achieved great success with its first episode, got very good results from the ratings. The series, starring Ebru Şahin, broke the watch record on YouTube as well.

The Destan series, shot by Bozdağ Film for ATV and starring Ebru Şahin, came with great claims and exceeded the expectations of the audience. The series, which was trending all over the world on social media before it even went on the air, got very good results from the ratings with its first episode.

The Destan series, which took place in the period before the Turks’ conversion to Islam and featured a heroic warrior female character named Akkız, also achieved great success on YouTube. Destan has been watched more than 1 million times just a few days after its release on YouTube.

The introduction of the second episode of Destan was also shared two days ago. The second episode trailer, which gives clues about Akkız’s childhood experiences, has already been watched by nearly 500 thousand people.

The series, which was shot with very high budgets, also gave the return of the efforts spent with its first episode. For the shootings on a 20 thousand square meter plateau, structures were built in accordance with Asian Turkish architecture. Gök Khanate palace and gardens were established. A total of 4,500 co-actors took part in the project, where 287 people worked in the construction of the decorations and many tailors sewed clothes.

The series, which attracts attention with its action scenes and successful costumes, especially with Ebru Şahin, takes place in a period that the audience has never been used to. The series, which reflects the period of the Turks before they accepted Islam, is expected to revive the national feelings of the audience.

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