Series News Details about BerenSaat’s Netflix series

Details about BerenSaat’s Netflix series


BerenSaat, which hasn’t been on the screens for a long time, will start working on a new series very soon.

The famous actress, instead of choosing television screens, has recently used the choice of many famous names, Netflix.

The clock was supposed to play a fantastic series, but not much detail was known. The story of the series and the person who wrote it appeared.

BerenSaat, a new series in Netflix, Urfa, Göbeklitepe Atiye living a woman with special powers to play.

It was revealed that the secret story was adapted from ŞengülBoybaş’s first novel ‘The Awakening of the World’.

The scripts of the series, which will continue the script writing process, will start at the end of March at Göbeklitepe.