Did you pay attention to Nalan's shoes in the series Camdaki Kız? Partner changed, shoes too…
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6 December 2022 07:25


Did you pay attention to Nalan’s shoes in the series Camdaki Kız? Partner changed, shoes too…

Kanal D’s series, which continues with its 3rd season, is a production that the audience follows with interest. In the series adapted from a real life story, Burcu Biricik successfully gives life to the character of Nalan. According to the story of the series, which she started as a partner with Feyyaz Şerifoğlu, she is gradually on the way to becoming a partner with Cihangir Ceyhan.

In the story, it is told that Nalan, who could not find what she was looking for in her unhappy marriage, became close to Hayri, who was a chauffeur in their house, and then began to live a completely different life with him. The story of the series signed by OGM Pictures, It is quoted from Gülseren Budayicioğlu’s book compiled from a real life story.

In the 3rd season of the series, Nalan’s shoes also attract attention! Nalan, who is the daughter of a respectable family and who was brought up in an oppressive way due to her mother’s traumatic situation, is a woman who is perceived as a princess. However, in response to her image drawn from the outside, the traumas inside come to light over time.

Nalan’s delicate princess-like form and outfits are the highlight of the series. While Burcu Biricik successfully played Nalan with all her grace, her outfits in the first two seasons were also followed with interest. Watchful viewers of the series, which started the new season a few weeks ago, also see the difference in Nalan’s shoes!

Nalan, who had been walking around in high heels even at home before, had been seen many times while descending the stairs in a princess manner. However, in the new season, she usually sees Nalan without heels, except for a special invitation.

The shoe change of Nalan, who is in the new episodes with her flat-style shoes, makes her guess that Feyyaz Şerifoğlu and Cihangir Ceyhan are due to the height difference! It seems that Nalan, who is married to Sedat in the series, is getting closer to Hayri and the height difference is trying to be covered with flat shoes.

It is known that Burcu Biricik will start partnering with Cihangir Ceyhan in the 3rd season. While her feelings for Hayri are dragging Nalan into a completely different life, her shoes seem to have already been put in order…

Let’s add that Burcu Biricik’s height is 1.70, Cihangir Ceyhan is 1.77 and Feyyaz Şerifoğlu is 1.85. Next to Şerifoğlu, Burcu Biricik looks harmonious with high heels, while next to Cihangir Ceyhan, it gives an image that exceeds her height. For this reason, it is estimated that more flat shoes are worn to show a more harmonious appearance on the screen.

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