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11 August 2022 18:17


Don’t be sad that Bir Zamanlar Çukuroova is ending, Vahide Perçin is back!

It has now become clear that the TV series Bir Zamanlar Çukurova (Once Upon a Time Çukurova), which continues its fourth season on the ATV screen, will bid farewell at the end of the season. At the beginning of the project, which was expected to last until the 140th episode, one of the most important characters was Vahide Perçin.

The character of Hünkar, played by the famous actress who said goodbye to the story in the middle of the third season, was among the unforgettable. Playing one of the most important characters in the Turkish TV series industry, Vahide Perçin not only showed her mastery, but also engraved this character in the minds of the TV series fans.

Vahide Perçin’s farewell to the series due to health reasons made her fans very upset. The actress, who was born in 1965 in Izmir, did not take part in another project after leaving the TV series Bir Zamanlar Çukurova. The fact that the actress, who had rested and stored morale in this process, would return to the series, made her fans very happy.

In addition to the fact that Bir Zamanlar Çukurova will end at the end of the season, the emergence of Vahide Perçin to return to the screen offers a new alternative series opportunity for the fans of this series. Viewers who love Vahide Perçin will have the opportunity to watch the actress again on the television screen with the new series named Hakime Hanım (Lady Judge).

After the first episode of the Hakim (Judge) series, which started on ATV, made a good debut, it was once again understood that the law series greatly influenced the Turkish audience. When the magnificent course of the Yargı (Judgment) is added to this, it is expected that the series Hakim Hanım (Lady Judge) will be an effective project.

An agreement was reached with Emre Aybek as the director of the series Hakime Hanım, whose script was written by Ayfer Tunç. The series, whose preparations have been started, stands out again as an ATV project.

Bir Zamanlar Çukurova may be over, but Vahide Perçin, who plays the unforgettable character of Hünkar Yaman, returns to ATV with the series Hakime Hanım. The new series, which will reflect the impressive story of a female judge, is a drama production and has already managed to attract the attention of the audience.

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