Artists News Dreams Shakira, Facts SinemKobal!

Dreams Shakira, Facts SinemKobal!


You will be surprised!

SinemKobal continues her happy marriage with Kenanİmirzalıoğlu and continues her decision not to take part in the projects.

The good player who does not use social media very actively was surprised by the sharing she did yesterday.

SinemKobal, who had curly hair, wrote ‘curly’ under her joint.

At first, they saw the photo as ‘Shakira’.

In the interpretations made, ‘You are very similar to Shakira’, Shakira in Turkish style; Comments came in the form of ‘I thought this photo was taken by Shakira’, ‘Native Shakira’.

In the 2017-2018 series season, with the project named Face to Face, Sinem Kobal, who could only have two episodes on Show TV screen, spent almost a season blank.

Actress does not run away from the attention of both the misfortune of living in the knee and the long resting after the comments.

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