Ebru Şahin worked for months for that amazing scene in the series Destan!
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1 December 2022 13:22


Ebru Şahin worked for months for that amazing scene in the series Destan!

Atv’s new period series Destan came to the screen with its second episode this week. Ebru Şahin, who had a big break with the Hercai series, won the admiration of the audience in the series where she took the lead role again for the second time.

Ebru Destan, who came to the screen with a fictional story set in the 8th century in Central Asia, before the Turks converted to Islam, took her role so seriously that she started hard preparations months in advance. His long work was very intense and difficult.

Ebru Şahin received special training to use a bow and sword on a horse. During weeks, months of work, the actress trained for almost 6 hours a day.

The actress was also riding a horse in the Hercai series, but she had to take a separate training for the Destan series. It was not easy for Ebru Şahin, who now wields a sword skillfully in the series and has performed extremely successfully in horse riding scenes, to reach this point!

In the first part of the series, the fight scenes with 4-5 people attracted great attention. By revealing her talent and performance on this subject, the actress revealed that she turned out to be a completely different person as Akkız in the series Destan, as opposed to the naive and fragile state of Reyyan in the TV series Hercai.

In another scene in the 2nd episode, the actress impressed herself again. Ebru Şahin left mouths open again in the sword fight scene with Saltuk Beg, played by Kanbolat Görkem Aslan.

Judging by the audience’s comments on the scenes, Ebru Şahin has won the admiration of those on the screen. Everyone sees that she did a great job as a heroine in the series Destan. Her costumes, stance, speech and performance in fight scenes impress.

Ebru Şahin gave an interview during the difficult preparation stage before the series was broadcast. You can watch the interview of the actor, who went through a difficult process for her character in the series, in the video below.

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