Ceylan turned such a corner in the Masumlar Apartmanı that everyone's throats were knotted!
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2 December 2022 06:15


Ceylan turned such a corner in the Masumlar Apartmanı that everyone’s throats were knotted!

The character of Ceylan, who has just joined the TV series Masumlar Apartmanı, broadcast on TRT1 screens on Tuesday evenings, did not get many points from the audience in the first episode. Aslıhan Gürbüz gives life to Ceylan, whose name has been mentioned in the series for a while and finally came out.

In the previous episodes of the series, posters about Ceylan’s exhibition fell in front of Han, and it was understood that Ceylan was following Han with the posters found in abundance at the place where he was collecting garbage.

In the beginning, Ceylan was portrayed as a strange and mysterious person just like Han. In fact, unexpected criticism came from the audience when they met Han on the day of his exhibition, and there were some who said that they did not like Ceylan to the series.

Ceylan was a character that didn’t quite fit in anyone’s mind. Ceylan, who came out when they could not accept Inci’s death, touched everyone’s nerves. Han still had deep feelings for Ceylan, and everyone said, “He didn’t really love İnci”.

But in the 49th episode published this week, Ceylan made an entry that destroyed all prejudices. After the mutual conversations with Safiye, the character of Ceylan was placed in the story more properly and the gaps were filled!

Because Ceylan was mentioned in such a way that sometimes a perception of personality crisis was created even more strange than the strange states of Han. But it was revealed how much Ceylan fell in love with Han, entered the house to be with him, and how she struggled with Safiye, how much she suffered.

The conversation between Safiye and Ceylan in the last episode aired was actually an indication that the situation was completely different… The scene in which the family told what Ceylan had done, choked everyone.

While Ceylan was expressing her experiences with the following sentences, the millions on the screen saw that İnci, probably also experienced it, but that she had never been able to express it so clearly: “Does it look like nothing happened when you look from there? If someone’s wound bleeds more, that blood is mine, you know that. You brought it through my nose, right? You cannot deny it. You brought it through my nose. My years are gone and wasted. Look, I still haven’t recovered. You did all kinds of crazy things. You acted like it was your right, and on top of that, you blamed me, and at some point I blamed myself as if I was blaming myself. I imprisoned myself in such a prison? I was in a worse situation there than you and Han. Because I wasn’t there like you. I was there all alone!”

Even Safiye was ashamed of what she had done and realized how much pain they had caused Ceylan. Even when no one knew how to approach Safiye, Ceylan calmly calmed the situation, while how well she knew the family and how she adapted caused the audience to change their thoughts about her.

It turned out that Ceylan, whom Han was angry about for leaving him in the past, was actually the one who suffered. Ceylan said about Han, who he described as wearing a steel vest, “Even you can feel sad. But he buried everything I loved with his wife. He is so angry, so ambitious, so vengeful, so cruel,” he complained about Han.

Safiye, on the other hand, said that while she was angry with Ceylan for leaving Han, she wanted to melt the ice between them. Meanwhile, Ceylan, who came to take care of Safiye because she was ill, won the hearts of the audience by showing that she read her soul very well and showed patience and compassion for all her sensitivities.

The audience almost took care of Ceylan, whom she had not embraced in the previous weeks, after learning about the past, with her scenes with Safiye and flashback scenes in the 49th episode. The audience, who seems to embrace Ceylan, now understands him better. With an emotional maneuver, the screenwriters also ensured that Ceylan was adopted by the audience.

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