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12 August 2022 17:08


Ebru Şahin’s love, Cedi Osman, to support Destan series!

It was noteworthy that the famous actress Ebru Şahin was caught on camera in traffic after the day she spent with her basketball player lover Cedi Osman. The duo, who seemed quite sympathetic, attracted attention with their happiness.

Fans, who think that the couple who are expected to get married, look good for each other, are waiting for the wedding with excitement… Ebru Şahin, who appeared on the ATV screen with Destan series, created a warrior female character named Akkız after hard work.

Ebru Şahin, who got very tired during this process and improved herself a lot by taking intensive training, is also very moral with the good performance of the Destan series.

Cedi Osman also supported his lover by saying that he did not miss the serial that was broadcast on Tuesday evenings. Cedi Osman said, “I am a strict follower, I do not miss Tuesdays. It’s a really fun project,” he said. Stating that he did not visit the set, Cedi Osman reminded that he had training.

Ebru Şahin said, “Everything is going well, we are at a busy pace. Today was my free day, we are evaluating it,” she said.

Explaining that it is not important not to be together on February 14, Ebru Şahin said, “It is enough to come,” and that Cedi Osman did not need to surprise.

Stating that there was nothing planned about the marriage, the couple stated that if anything happens, they will announce it.

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