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12 August 2022 17:46


Gürberk Polat gave a good test in the series Mahkum, but the final decision made him sad!

There will be an important break in Mahkum series, which was broadcast on Fox TV on Thursday evenings and made a very successful debut with the ratings it achieved. Gürberk Polat, who took his place with the character of Eren in the story of the series starring Onur Tuna and İsmail Hacıoğlu, once again exhibited successful acting. The actor, who attracted attention with the character of Mert in the Babil TV series in 2020, later appeared in the role of Murat in Kahraman Babam.

Gürberk Polat, like other actors, benefited from the strong debut of Mahkum series, and also had the opportunity to accumulate new experiences. However, it was also revealed that the actor will leave the series. The story of the character Eren in the series Mahkum, whose 11th episode will be broadcast on Thursday, February 24, ends.

It turned out that Gürberk Polat will leave the series in the 12th episode of the series. Eren has become a character full of surprises. The young actor also reflected the different emotions and mood of this character well. We watched the actor’s good exits in many emotions that the character experienced.

Mahkum, with Volkan Kocatürk as the director, became one of the very few TV series to achieve double-digit ratings. This separation in the series Mahkum, which received the best ratings together with the TV series Kuruluş Osman, Gönül Dağı and Yargı, will also upset the audience.

The young actor, on the other hand, has experienced the difference of taking part in important projects in the name of his career, with the experiences he has gained. Gürberk Polat, who wants to become a actor representing Turkey abroad, works hard for this goal as well.

Born in 1997 in Istanbul, the young actor participated in the competition called “Geleceğin Starı” and won the first place there. The actor, who stepped on the sets with Benim Tatlı Yalanım TV series in 2019, had the opportunity to take part in good projects and made good use of them.

Gürberk Polat, who continues to study graphics and design at Eskişehir Anadolu University, said, “I always try to be motivated by thinking about how I can add something to myself.”

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