Artists News Even though it was short-lived, Gürberk Polat could not forget the Babil series the most!

Even though it was short-lived, Gürberk Polat could not forget the Babil series the most!


The series called Babil (The Choice), which was once on Star TV with great claims, managed to impress a wide audience.

With names such as Halit Ergenç, Aslı Enver, Nur Fettahoğlu, Birce Akalay, Mesut Akusta, Selahattin Paşalı, Onur Saylak (Ozan Güven) in the leading roles, the Babil series became one of the unforgettable projects.

One of the notable names in the story of the series was Gürberk Polat, who played the character Mert. The reason why the actor attracted attention among the famous names in such an influential series was due to his success in his role.

While the Babil series, as a 20-episode project, still remains a wound in the hearts of many viewers, it is also obvious that for Gürberk Polat, this series was a springboard in his career.

Gürberk Polat, one of the successful actors of the young generation, made sincere statements in a Youtube program he attended.

While talking about the process of Babil, the first series of his career, the actor explained that the series was in a very different place for him and described the names he appeared with as the “Champions League”.

Explaining that he had the advantage of this, Gürberk Polat stated that the scenes he took part in, especially with Halit Ergenç, were a very good learning process for him.

Gürberk Polat stated that he learned a lot from Halit Ergenç, whom he admires, and said:

“I realized that I applied everything that Halit brother taught me and everything I learned by watching him, in other projects I took part in and in every character I played. He doesn’t know it, but brother Halit is with me on every set.”

Finally, Gürberk Polat, who appeared as a guest in the TV series Kulüp (Club) directed by Zeynep Günay and Seren Yüce, met again with his co-star Serra Arıtürk on the set of his latest movie Güneş Söndürmem Gerek.

Gürberk Polat; “The role in the Kulüp series was very small, but the names of Zeynep Günay and Seren Yüce were enough for me to accept it, and when I came together with Serra again in my last movie, I realized that I had made the right decision,” he said.

The actor, who improved himself by taking part in the TV series Kahraman Baba, Mahkum and Maviye Sürgün, also took part in the films named Kimya and Modern Kadın.