Artists News How lucky are Fırat Tanış fans, one project ends and another begins!

How lucky are Fırat Tanış fans, one project ends and another begins!


Fırat Tanış’s frequent involvement in cinema, digital series and television projects in recent years pleases his fans.

The master actor, who has succeeded in mastering every role when it comes to character creation, transforms from one character to another, while the audience on the screen is also very impressed by the professionalism in these transitions.

Even in the last 3-4 years, Fırat Tanış appeared before his fans with so many different characters and reflected each role with a different atmosphere that many viewers continue to pay special attention to the projects in which he took part.

In addition to the television series Arıza, Aziz and Adım Farah, the TV series Zeytin Ağacı (Another Self) and Kulüp (Club) broadcast on Netflix demonstrated the actor’s success in different characters.

In cinema, Fırat Tanış continued to take part in every platform with the projects named 9 Kere Leyla, Suna and Aşk Mevsimi.

The actor, who last appeared in the movie called Aşk Mevsimi (The Season of Love), met his fans in movie theaters once again.

‘Aşk Mevsimi’, a Sugarworkz production produced and directed by Murat Şeker and written by Ali Tanrıverdi and Murat Şeker, took its place in cinemas.

‘Aşk Mevsimi’, which tells a love story that starts in Bozcaada and extends to Istanbul, and becomes increasingly complex over the years, takes the audience on a naive journey.

Successful actor Fırat Tanış also stars as the character ‘Altan’ in Aşk Mevsimi, starring Dilan Çiçek Deniz and Cem Yiğit Üzümoğlu.

While Fırat Tanış, who gave life to a character that creates a turning point in the story of ‘Şirin’ and ‘Ali Yaman’, fascinates himself with his acting, ‘Altan’ attracts the reaction of the audience.

The film, which conveys every aspect of love on the big screen, sometimes causes joyful and sometimes sad moments.

‘Aşk Mevsimi’, which took its place in movie theaters with the media sponsorship of Kral Pop Radio, is in cinemas with its romantic and striking story.