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20 August 2022 09:39


Eda Ece gave the first tip from the season finale of Yasak Elma series!

Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple) series will make its season finale on 13 June. Eda Ece, who played the Yıldız character, became one of the names that will take place in the sixth season. The actress has already gained great popularity thanks to this series and has reached a large fan base.

Eda Ece stated that after the last two episodes aired, the series will take a summer break and the season finale will be a little longer. “We spends time working on set all the time,” the actress said. Eda Ece stated that it will be a very interesting season finale and it is not clear who will stay in the story in the sixth season and who will not.

It was clear that Berk Oktay, who played the character of Çağatay, would leave the series. In addition, Erdal Bilingen was among the names who said goodbye to the story. However, it is not clear who else will not be in the sixth season.

Eda Ece said the following about the fifth season finale of Yasak Elma: “We have such a final episode that it is a mystery right now who will stay and who will go. We’ll see.”

Eda Ece said that she did what she wanted to do besides the Yasak Elma, but she knew that one day the character of Yıldız would end. Eda Ece, who explained that the series got stronger this season with Şebnem Dönmez and Biran Damla Yılmaz, also stated that they could arrange a summer vacation together.

Eda Ece explained that her relationship with her basketball player lover Buğrahan Tuncer continues and that they get along very well with each other, and answered her marriage questions.

The actress added that the subject of marriage is on her agenda, saying, “She goes there at some point, but not this summer, not this summer.”

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