Ege Kökenli was even more surprised with her answer to the question of why he left Duy Beni!
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3 October 2022 16:59


Ege Kökenli was even more surprised with her answer to the question of why he left Duy Beni!

Duy Beni (Hear Me) series was a production that attracted great attention among the youth series of the summer period. The series Duy Beni, which was screened on Star TV and also brought to its story some of the problems experienced by high school youth in school life, receives great support from the audience, especially on social media.

While the number of views of the trailers of the episodes on Youtube sometimes breaks records, the series continues in the new season with its young actors, who also do not fall on the agenda of social media. In addition to the young generation actors of the series Duy Beni, experienced names such as Berk Hakman and Ege Kökenli are the prominent names of the series.

However, the development that both names will leave the series in the past days both surprised and upset the audience. The series will stay on air as long as the ratings meet the expectations of the channel in the new season. For now, a decision has been made to continue. However, the reason for these sudden separations could not be understood!

Ege Kökenli, who gave life to the character of Bahar in the series, has been playing in many TV series since 2004. She returned to the screen after a one-year hiatus with the series Duy Beni. A short time ago, she talked about her marriage to her fiancé, Lior Ahituv, with whom she has been together for 5 years.

Ege Kökenli could not even go on a honeymoon due to the shooting of the TV series Duy Beni, and it was rumored that she had an accident during the shooting of the series recently. It has come to the fore that the character Bahar, played by Kökenli, will die in the series and the actress will say goodbye.

While the reason for this sudden separation could not be understood, Ege Kökenli made an even more surprising statement by sharing a photo taken in her trailer on her last day on the set and featuring only her feet! Stating that the separation was her choice and desire, Kökenli’s words “I find it better to keep the reasons to myself” drew attention!

Meanwhile, the actress shared her surprise that she will return with another project with her followers. The reason why the actress wanted to leave the series was a matter of curiosity!

Berk Hakman, who gave life to the character of “Selim” in Duy Beni, will leave the series in the next week’s episode. It is also curious how the story will progress after the farewell of the two actors. Screenwriter Makbule Kosif is expected to make new changes in the story…

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