Elçin Sangu, Ceren Moray duo experienced the big series shock for the second time!
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29 November 2022 11:58


Elçin Sangu, Ceren Moray duo experienced the big series shock for the second time!

Elçin Sangu and Ceren Moray are two important actresses who have performed effectively with the productions they have acted in.

Ceren Moray, who has been on the agenda since the Kavak Yelleri series and impresses with her performance in the Avlu, took the lead role in the TV series Öğretmen on Fox TV last season.

Elçin Sangu, who had a very good break with Kiralık Aşk series and then showed herself in both the series and the cinema, also played the leading role in the TV series İyi Günde Kötü Günde last year.

The last season’s series of both actresses was soon deleted from the screen. The two actresses, who could not be on the screen for the long time that their fans expected due to low ratings, met in the same project this season.

The Fox TV series Yalancılar ve Mumları was a very ambitious start to the season. The production, which is an adaptation of the BBC series Mistresses, unfortunately fell short of expectations.

Fox TV made the final decision due to the low ratings of the series, which had script problems. The series, which will end with its fifth episode, will be on the screen for the last time on Sunday, October 31st.

Ceren Moray and Elçin Sangu fans are also experiencing the second biggest series shock. From last season to this season, both actresses failed to fulfill their expectations regarding television projects.

The fans of both actresses are uncomfortable with this situation and think that they should be more careful about their project choices.

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