The wedding that made Tolgahan Sayışman shed tears!
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2 December 2022 05:45


The wedding that made Tolgahan Sayışman shed tears!

Tolgahan Sayisman, who founded a production company, continues to come up with new projects. The shooting of the digital series “Sınır”, prepared by Han Medya Yapım, took place during the summer months. After this project, Tolgahan Sayisman started a new film project in which he was also in the cast.

The famous actor, who agreed with Erdal Özyağcılar, will take the lead role in a new movie called Mirrorless. Tolgahan Sayışman, who we will watch as Commissioner Haluk, also made an agreement with Sarp Bozkurt for the project. While the preparations for the mirrorless movie continue, the famous actor also spent exciting days in his private life. Having emotional moments at the wedding of his sister Nil Sayışman, Tolgahan Sayışman is also the father of two children.

Sayışman, who is married to Almeda Abazi, had the happiness of holding his daughter Alina in his arms 3 months ago after Efehan, who turned 2.5 years old.

The acor, who made a statement after the wedding, wished the new couple happiness and expressed that he was very emotional. Explaining that giving a daughter is a different feeling, actor said, “Because I am the father of a girl, it was a little rehearsal, I felt weird, it is difficult to give a girl.”

Tolgahan Sayışman said that his father was a tough-tempered person and that he cried on the day he married his daughter. Almeda Abazi, on the other hand, stated that her husband was very touched by saying, “You cried too.”

Almeda Abazi, who said, “Don’t be so harsh,” made her husband smile and joked.

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