Series News Returning to the screen with the TV series Barbaros Hayreddin, Tolgahan Sayisman is having sleepless days!

Returning to the screen with the TV series Barbaros Hayreddin, Tolgahan Sayisman is having sleepless days!


Famous actor Tolgahan Sayışman produced various projects through the production company he founded during the period he stayed away from television series for about 2 years.

While the famous actor was not expected to return to the screen for a long time, his fans were delighted to be the lead role in the TV series Barbaros Hayreddin, which was broadcast on TRT1.

Despite the fact that the series describes a period that is likely to attract attention, it was surprising that the ratings were low and that the project did not receive enough audience attention.

All these developments have lost their importance, because the famous actor is having sleepless days.

Tolgahan Sayışman was one of the people who mobilized to heal the wounds of Turkey, which was shaken by two major earthquake disasters that took place in Kahramanmaraş on the same day on February 6th.

The famous actor who shared on his social media account, said, “First of all, I am very sorry; I have been sleepy for days, so I have difficulty in expressing what is going through my head in correct sentences” and gave information about aid activities.

The actor, who was determined to provide all kinds of help and support to reach earthquake victims, also thanked those who helped.

Tolgahan Sayışman, who posted the video on his Instagram account, posted the following message: “I tried to serve the region by coordinating the extraordinary assistance of our valuable business people with Afad through our volunteers at the Address of Happiness association. May God be pleased with our state, may God be pleased with everyone who sent help. May God help our earthquake victims, all our rescue teams, police and soldiers. We are beautiful together. We are a great nation.”

Explaining that there is a great need for tents and portable toilets in the region, the actor also explained that the heater is one of the most important materials on cold winter days.

Explaining that they have set up tents for 3,000 people in Nurdağı through the association and that they will also build container houses, the actor also mentioned that aid trucks continue to go to the earthquake zone.