Elçin Sangu, more talked about than the series
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1 February 2023 12:24


Elçin Sangu, more talked about than the series

Star TV’s new series Happily Ever After came to the screen with its first two episodes. Ozan Dolunay, Elçin Sangu and Yasemin Allen play the leading roles in the series that aired on Saturday evenings. The series, which brings together three successful and popular names of the screen, is in the genre of romantic comedy.

As it is known, Elçin Sangu made a leap in her career by taking a role in a production that was suddenly recognized by the masses and would have an impact for many years with the series Love For Rent. Even though she has played in other series before, the Love For Rent series, where she starred with Barış Arduç, was a series that literally got her name on the screen.

She evaluated the offers for a while and remained away from the screen when a project did not come as she wanted. In a different project, acteress who want to play a different character, the digital platform is Yaşamayanlar puhutv who played for Turkey’s first vampire-themed series.

She then appeared on Show TV with Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ in the series Crash, in which she starred. This time she was on the screen with a drama and action series. In the new season, Elçin Sangu is here again with a romantic comedy.

In fact, it is understood from the comments on the social media that the viewer more ascribes her to romantic comedy. The audience desires more to see the actress in such a job as if written on it. Therefore, she immediately liked Leyla, whom she played in the TV series Happily Ever After and her fans embraced her.

A competition continues with the TV series North Star, Romance Next Door, Zümrüdüanka and Kalk Gidelim, which are broadcast on other channels on Saturday evenings.

Although the series received a lower than expected rating with its second episode, the situation is different for Elçin Sangu. Because her viewers made her so many characters of Leyla that they make many comments on social media. While the praiseworthy comments are accompanied by the beauty of the actress and her successful performance, it is understood even in a short glance that Elçin Sangu has overtaken the talk of the series.

We wouldn’t be exaggerating if we say that Elçin Sangu fans carry the series. How long she can keep Sangu on the screen as such, these ratings are not known, but if the rating was determined according to social media measurements, Elçin Sangu would probably be among the most talked about Saturday …

It is also possible to measure this interest from the comments made on the episodes or trailers of the series on Youtube. The audience emphasizes so much that Sangu is getting more and more beautiful that the “TV excuse, Elçin is wonderful” situation appears …

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