Big plan for My Home My Destiny tv series
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2 December 2022 06:19


Big plan for My Home My Destiny tv series

The new season of My Home My Destiny, which started on TV8 last year, is eagerly awaited. In the series where İbrahim Çelikkol and Demet Özdemir share the leading roles, Zeynep and Mehdi’s love story will progress differently in the new season. Two lovers who confess their love to each other and will try to live their love to the fullest. However, some changes in the house are starting to be a threat to the couple’s marriage.

The fact that Benal, whom Mehdi was with before his marriage, was pregnant was a stir. In the new season, Benal moves to the mansion. In order to ensure her safety, Mehdi decides to stay in the mansion until the child is born, but this will not make both the people of the mansion and Zeynep happy.

The new season promotion of the series has recently been screened. The release date is not clear yet, but it is expected to be announced soon. By the way, shooting started late as there were stock sections and the set was released last week.

The great tips about the TV series My Home My Destiny came from Eylem Canpolat, the screenwriter of the series. The scriptwriter gave important tips about this season in an Instagram live broadcast she attended. Especially this year, the screenwriter told us that we will watch the story through the eyes of Mehdi, not Zeynep. In addition, more will go into the past of Mehdi.

Moreover, there is another surprise of the Mehdi character. As is known, the series is quoted from real life stories of Dr. Gülseren Budayıcıoğlu. Another series by the same author is the Red Room series on tv8.

Eylem Canpolat gave the hint that there might be a therapy scene about Mehdi, and said: “In the first season, we saw more stories through Zeynep’s eyes. We will continue to see through Zeynep’s eyes, but of course we will show the story of Mehdi and his past in more detail. ”

“Is there a therapy scene?” Here is the answer of the scriptwriter to this question: “There is also a therapy scene. We may also have surprises about it. We even held a meeting today with Gülseren teacher and Onur. I think we will have a little surprise about it. ”

“Could there be a collaboration with the Red Room?” The famous screenwriter to the question as, “Should it be? Why not? Maybe it could be ”answered.

In fact, this issue is voiced by those who follow the series on social media. The audience expresses in their comments that they want to see the Mehdi in the therapy scene in the Red Room series. Let’s see if this can happen.

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