Artists News Elçin Sangu’s mental health protection method!

Elçin Sangu’s mental health protection method!


The whole world is experiencing similar situations because of the coronavirus outbreak. Elçin Sangu, like billions of people, finds solutions to protect her mental health during this period.

Elçin Sangu, who was under quarantine at home and did not want to go out to protect against the virus, showed her final followers on social media. The actress also explained how she maintained her mental health.

Elçin Sangu filled her eyes with her dog. The actress pointed out the role of her dog in her life by saying “I protect my mental health like this”.

This loving sharing of Elçin Sangu actually tells how important our animal friends are. She closed her post to comments. However, many of her followers shared their expressions of love and support through different social media platforms.