Hande Soral does not change her habits
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3 December 2022 08:46


Hande Soral does not change her habits

Famous actress Hande Soral explained with her sharing that her habits have not changed much from past to present. Hande Soral, who is married to İsmail Demirci, is in quarantine at home because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Hande Soral, who complains about not meeting with her husband İsmail Demirci during the filming of the North Star series in Ordu, is now enjoying the yearning of her husband. She also draws attention with her posts on her social media account.

Hande Soral published the following photo, saying, “Whenever I was a child, I went home every time I went to the sea and changed my swimsuit and applied nail polish.”

She also stated that there is not much change in their habits from past to present. Fans of the famous actress expressed their delight in seeing their happiness in these difficult days.

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