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6 July 2022 20:00


ElcinSangu’s sharing has increased the curiosity of her fans!

The famous actress in the recent series are having a great deal of luck …

It is an important achievement for every player to take an ambitious lead role in such an environment …

One of these names is ElçinSangu …

She, who made a spectacular departure in her Rental Love series, needed a new project to climb the career path even stronger.

The Death series just came in this period …!

Turkey will be the first vampire series. ElçinSangu and KeremBürsin shared the first square in social media.

The possibility of success of the series is higher because it will be broadcast on internet TV.

We will watch ElçinSangu as a vampire.

ElçinSangu and KeremBürsin’s first debut was also a big curiosity for their fans.

Sangu, Mia; Bursin will give life to Dimitry character.

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