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6 July 2022 19:59


New project from BurcuBiricik

There is a new attack from BurcuBiricik!

There was no show, there was a movie!

On the ATV screens, BurcuBiricik, who is experiencing great frustration with her Day 8 series meeting with the audience, has made a fall in her career …

Having been a great success with her The Song of Life track last season, she has suffered from the new series.

The experience of BurcuBiricik with her Day 8 finish in 6 episodes can be called as a decline in her career angle …

However, the successful player continues with the projects …

Filme starts

She said, “In the coming days we will start shooting a new cinema project. It’s early to talk about the movie, and we will see it after the shootings are over, “she said.

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