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16 August 2022 20:01


Emrah Akduman, Tarık in the series Beni Bırakma, became a father, here is the first pose with his baby!

Emrah Akduman has been acting since 2006, but many TV series fans know him from the production called Beni Bırakma… The actor, who was born on November 9, 1982 in Ankara, took his first step into the profession with theater.

Emrah Akduman, who also appeared in movies and TV series, attracted a lot of attention with the character of Tarık, which he played in the daily series Beni Bırakma on ATV… Emrah Akduman, who married Gökçe Mavuş in 2020, experienced the joy of fatherhood in the first hours of 2022.

Gökçe Akduman gave birth to her daughter Adalina in the first hours of the new year. The happiness of Emra Akduman, who took the first pose with her daughter, who was born with a weight of 3 kilograms, was also reflected on her face.

Emrah Akduman expressed his feelings with these words:

“My dear daughter was born on the first day of the new year. The purest and most beautiful feeling in life that cannot be described. My feelings are indescribable, may Allah grant me the ability to always be next to my son and to do my duty as a father in the best way possible. Of course, I also saw what a great sacrifice and patience it is to be a mother of two. Mothers are never paid. I understood this much better when I went into labor. My dear wife Gökçe is such a beautiful mother… I can’t describe it in words. I will strive to raise our child as a benevolent individual to the country and the nation.”

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