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12 August 2022 20:34


Eda Ece and Fox TV made a mutual gesture! Eda Ece enchanted her fans!

A nice compliment to the beautiful Yasak Elma from Fox TV! Eda Ece has been one of the most attention-grabbing faces of Fox TV in recent years… The actress, who spent her fifth season in Yasak Elma series, stands out as one of the most important figures on the Fox TV screen with her Yıldız character.

While the success of Yasak Elma continues, Eda Ece is now on the same screen in the program named Maske Kimsin Sen? Eda Ece, who was among the detectives in the program along with Melis Sezen, Doğa Demirkol and Alican Yücesoy, pleased her fans with her energetic image.

There is a lot of reaction in the social media environment for the competition program named Maske Kimsin Sen? In particular, there are criticisms that the costumes carry pagan symbols and are scary. Eda Ece, on the other hand, managed to attract the attention of her fans with her energy and beauty.

Eda Ece, who got defensive in a sense by sharing on Twitter that the program was broadcast in many countries, including Arab countries, received a pleasant surprise from Fox TV.

The following was shared from Fox TV’s twitter account:

“Let’s praise the beauty of our Eda Ece! #maskekimsinsen @edaeceu”

Eda Ece also quoted this post and commented, “My dear Fox”…

While this sharing between the actress and the channel was one of the smiling aspects of social media, it once again showed how valuable Eda Ece’s contribution to the brand value of the channel is.

Of course, in the process that started with Yasak Elma, the Fox TV screen also contributed a lot to Eda Ece’s popularity.

Her fans on social media also shared many posts about Eda Ece’s beauty. Many comments were made stating that the actress left her mark on the program with her magnificent energy, beauty, humor, humor and sympathy.

Among the thousands of shares, one fan drew attention by writing, “I can tweet about Eda Ece’s beauty until the morning.”

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