Artists News For Eda Ece, an era ends with the Yasak Elma finale, a brand new era begins!

For Eda Ece, an era ends with the Yasak Elma finale, a brand new era begins!


The biggest gain of the Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple) series was written to Eda Ece. The actress, who took a place in the hearts of the audience with the character of Star she played, achieved great popularity.

Eda Ece, who does not hesitate to express in her interviews what a great opportunity the project offers her, will begin to evaluate the offers that come to her for different characters and projects after the final episode to be broadcast on Monday, May 29.

There is a reality of Eda Ece that fits very well with the character of Yıldız and actually develops this character with its own nuances after a point.

Being the lead role in a very successful series for 6 seasons is not easy, Eda Ece, who has overcome it, will be followed closely by millions of her fans in her acting adventure and in her future projects.

However, this new era will lack the advantages of a character like Yıldız, who has been successful like the Yasak Elma and has won the admiration of the audience.

Because when it comes to new characters, new series or movies, a period begins for Eda Ece where she has to show her acting skills and show different aspects.

The words of Eda Ece, who shared a video from her Instagram account the previous day and showed some details from the set environment, were also very meaningful.

The actress said, “I’m on Yildiz’s bachelorette, not mine. I’ve lived yours more than my own, Yıldız.”

How true are these words. Because many viewers identify Eda Ece with the character of Yıldız, they think she is that person. However, it is imperative that Eda Ece get rid of sticking to the character of Yıldız in the new period.

The new proposals of the producers may be similar to Yıldız, but it would be more logical for Eda Ece to stand out from this character and play different roles as much as possible in order to reveal different aspects of her acting journey.