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5 July 2022 12:28


Emrah Akduman, the leading actor of the series Beni Bırakma, will be a father!

Famous actor Emrah Akduman, who married Gökçe Mavuş in 2020, becomes a father. The actor, who has been the leading role in the TV series “Beni Bırakma”, shot in Ankara for the last 4 years, moved to Istanbul with the end of the series.

The series Beni Bırakma, which was broadcast on the ATV screen, was completed by the end of the last season. Emrah Akduman made a strong impression with his successful performance in the series.

Explaining that his wife Gökçe Akduman is 5 months pregnant, the famous actor stated that they do not want to learn the gender before the birth.

The famous actor, who said that he was very happy and had different feelings, stated that he could return to the screens this season if there was a very good project.

Akduman said, “I want to enjoy fatherhood a little bit, if God wills it.”

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